Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Jesse's Birthday // Janney Furnace Civil War Reenactment

Sunday was Jesse's birthday, and it just
so happened, that a local historic site was hosting
a civil war reenactment that afternoon.
Just in case the words are too small to read in the picture above,
here is what it says:
The furnace was constructed by Montgomery businessman Alfred A. Janney, reportedly using slaves brought from Tennessee by a "Dr. Smith".  The furnace was completed and ready to produce pig iron when, on July 14, 1864, a Union cavalry raiding force of 2,300 men led by Major General Louvell H. Rousseau, crossed the Coosa River at Ten Islands Ford in route to destroying the railroad between Montgomery and West Point, Georgia.  Learning of the location of the furnace, Rousseau dispatched his Engineer Officer, Captain Ed Ruger, and a detachment to destroy the chimney of the furnace, leaving the stone structure in place.  They also burned all wooden buildings intended to support operation of the furnace.

I'm so blessed to be married to this wonderful
man, the love of my life, Jesse Ray Wright!
Happy 29th Birthday, Jesse!

Here are some pictures of the battle reenactment:

And a few more of the furnace:

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Our 2nd Wedding Anniversary

Yesterday was our 2nd wedding anniversary!!!  It still doesn't feel like we've really been married that long.  So much has happened these past two years and the Lord has truly blessed our little family in so many ways!  We got to spend this fun day by going to visit Little River Canyon.  The same place we stayed on our honeymoon.  Here are few photos of our day:
  The waterfall was really pretty!

 Gavin had so much fun walking around and looking at all of the sights.

 A view from the top of the canyon.

 Such a cutie! :-)

The Lord has been so good to us this year.  We can't wait to
see what He has in store for us in the years to come.

"Let your fountain be blessed, and rejoice with the wife of your youth."
Proverbs 5:18

Monday, March 9, 2015

Local History // Upping Block

One thing that we really love, is learning about the history of our local area.  Pictured above is an "upping block" located right in the center of downtown Ashville, AL.  Upping blocks are basically a platform or block of some kind, are normally located near a business's door, and were used for people to step on when mounting or dismounting their horse.

  Throughout history, this local upping block has been used to help ladies in their long dresses and skirts mount and dismount their horses, a place where politicians and many others gave speeches, and a local meeting place for the community along with much more.

  This large block of sandstone on the square downtown is a really neat local landmark that reminds us of so much history.

Are there any special or unique historic landmarks in your hometown?

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