Thursday, July 30, 2015

House Progress: Beginnings of the Kitchen

Hey y'all!  Here is that very, overdue post that I promised on the progress
of our house.  So prepare yourselves for a LOT of pictures. :-)

Very first cut!!!! So exciting!!!

We are timber-framing the kitchen and porches of our house.  However, the
main section will be a square beam, dovetail, log structure with chinking.
Timber-framing is an old traditional way of framing houses
without nails or hardware, but rather using large beams, joinery, and wooden pegs.

We were so thankful to have had all of the Wright
family's help for a couple of work days!
The tedious process of chiseling took a long time, but
went so much faster with all of our extra help! 

Gavin helping us get lunch ready.  He was such a big helper and
worked hard most of the day with the rest of us (besides a
few snacks and naptimes :-) ).

Now the kitchen floor is framed out and actually has decking down on it now.
It is so exciting to finally see this all coming together!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

A Prayer Request

We would like to ask everyone for your prayers for physical and emotional healing. We have had a miscarriage and faithfully look to the Lord to give us comfort and use our family to His glory as we praise Him in this time of trouble.

Monday, July 6, 2015

DIY Handprint American Flag Shirt

Hey, y'all!  I hope that y'all all had an awesome weekend!
I know we did. :-)

I found this really cute "diy" craft on Pinterest and decided
to give it a try with Gavin for him to wear on the 4th of July.  It turned out so cute!!!
I found this plain white onesie at the thrift store for $.30 and bought a pack of primary color, fabric paints at the store for a little less than $6.00.  Gavin had a lot of fun helping us make his shirt.
Jesse squirted a whole bunch of blue paint on his chubby, little, toddler hand and very carefully made the handprint (it was difficult keeping his little fingers apart while he wanted to grab the shirt).  Then I used my fingers to make the lines of the "flag".

It looked sooooo adorable on him!

As I was looking through some old pictures, I found this one of Gavin last year.
Time flies fast and he has grown so much in just one year!

What did y'all do this 4th of July?

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