Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Gone Fishin'

Today I got to have a pleasant and relaxing afternoon just fishing with my sister-in-law (and one of my very best friends for over five years) Gina Wright.  It's nice sometimes to just kick your shoes of and listen to the beautiful sounds of God's creation like we got to do on this sunny spring day.
Gina sitting on the dock swinging her feet in the
pond's cool water.
These wildflowers were so pretty by the pond.
 Gina's fish #1
 and fish #3
This is my one and only catch of the day, but it was
a pretty little crappie (and yes I'm obviously expecting our baby boy).
These we're the adorable faces that met us at the door
when we got back from our fishing trip. Okie (in front) and Rose (in back).
They are so cute!

Custom Handcrafted Button Letter Wall Hanger on Burlap

Jesse and Alice are expecting a little boy due to be born in June and his name
will be Gavin Ray Wright. Alice made this wall hanger on a burlap background
to be used for Gavin's baby shower and double as a family heirloom. This one is especially
unique being made with Jesse's great-grandmother's buttons.

You can purchase one of these 12"x12" sizes from our store for only $55 and we can
custom make and personalize them for any letter.  We can also do wider ones for an entire name (custom pricing may apply).  These wall hangers will give a rustic and stylish feel to
any home.  They work well on the wall of a child's room using his or her first
initial, to decorate your house with your family's last name, and also make amazing
gifts for family members and friends.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Early Spring on the Farm

 We've got our seeds started and some vegetable
and herb plants all ready to go in the garden.
 Our Sugar Snap Peas are beginning
to pop up in our mulch garden.  We started
our mulch garden last year and are very pleased with
the results.  The best part is that there are practically
NO WEEDS and there's no watering required!
 These wild strawberries are doing excellent
and should be ready to harvest before too long.
Our free range chickens are busily pecking
around and enjoying all the tasting bugs
and vegetation that they come across.
Jesse is mixing up a batch of sugar water
to feed the honeybees.  They're really starting to bring in
pollen now and the swarms are doing very well.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

First Honeybee Swarm of the Year

We woke up early to catch this swarm
of our honeybees that had conveniently rested
on the fence in front of our bee yard.

Our growing bee yard.
 Jesse's all suited up preparing a hive box
for our swarm.

Here he's gently scooping them with his
hand onto a frame with foundation on it. 

The next step is to place the lid over the box and
wait for the few leftover, wandering bees to figure
out that their queen is now in the hive
and start going inside to her.

 Once the new hive has been placed on the
stand with the others, Jesse seals their entrance with
some brush grass for a day or two to be sure
that they get used to their new home.
 Our bee yard has now gained a new member.
 Sosie Belle (on right) with her twin brother
are absolutely adorable little kids! They
are so entertaining and such cute goats
that were born to our farm earlier this spring.

The twins with Carly their mother. 

 Puppy is our loyal follower pictured here
enjoying a warm and pleasant spring day.

Spring is here! These violets are blooming
beautifully and ready to be harvested for a
delicious salad, dessert, or to be used in many
other recipes and dishes. Be sure to check back
on our blog for wild edible recipes using
violets, dandelions, white clover, wild
strawberries, plus many, many others!
Thank you so much for viewing our blog! 

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