Wednesday, April 9, 2014

First Honeybee Swarm of the Year

We woke up early to catch this swarm
of our honeybees that had conveniently rested
on the fence in front of our bee yard.

Our growing bee yard.
 Jesse's all suited up preparing a hive box
for our swarm.

Here he's gently scooping them with his
hand onto a frame with foundation on it. 

The next step is to place the lid over the box and
wait for the few leftover, wandering bees to figure
out that their queen is now in the hive
and start going inside to her.

 Once the new hive has been placed on the
stand with the others, Jesse seals their entrance with
some brush grass for a day or two to be sure
that they get used to their new home.
 Our bee yard has now gained a new member.
 Sosie Belle (on right) with her twin brother
are absolutely adorable little kids! They
are so entertaining and such cute goats
that were born to our farm earlier this spring.

The twins with Carly their mother. 

 Puppy is our loyal follower pictured here
enjoying a warm and pleasant spring day.

Spring is here! These violets are blooming
beautifully and ready to be harvested for a
delicious salad, dessert, or to be used in many
other recipes and dishes. Be sure to check back
on our blog for wild edible recipes using
violets, dandelions, white clover, wild
strawberries, plus many, many others!
Thank you so much for viewing our blog! 

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