Sunday, June 14, 2015

Summer Snapshots

 Hey y'all!  It's been super exciting and busy around here.  Here are some
random pictures to give you a peek as to what's been happening with us lately. 
Our pond pictured above, with two great shade trees, makes a wonderful place to
sit and relax during the hottest part of these summer days.

 The three of us went on a lovely walk one evening and
picked a whole bunch of pretty black-eyed susans.

 Gavin having fun touching and smelling the flowers.

 The chicken coop that Jesse and I made last year.
We hope to fill it with some new chickens very soon.

 A magnificent rainbow!

 Little man tuckered out after a long day.
So precious. :-)

 The very first blackberries of the season!  Yummy!!!
We can't wait 'til they're all ripe and ready to pick.
We're hoping to pick even more than we did last year!

 Our lonely, surviving tomato plant is actually doing quite well.

 The main (and most exciting) thing that we've been working on though, is getting ready to start building our house! Yay!!! Above are some of the logs for our home.

The first of the wood cut for our house!
It is so fun to see it all coming together now.

Thanks for stopping by!  We'll be posting a lot more house posts soon.
Anyway, this is what we've been up to lately.
What kind of summer projects have y'all been working on?


  1. Are y'all completely building the cabin by your selves? My husband and I have always wanted to build our own place. Your little boy is so cute :)
    -Hannah Bamberg

    1. Hi Hannah,
      That's so cool that y'all use to be in Cullman; that's not far at all. Yes we are building our cabin ourselves. It may take longer, but totally worth it and will be completely debt free! :-)
      Thank you so much for stopping by our blog and for your sweet comments.

      -Alice Wright

    2. Also, y'all's blog is so neat. I like it a lot! Keep up the great work. :-)
      -Alice Wright

  2. Also, my husband and I moved from Alabama about a year ago. We live in Iowa now, hopping someday to move back down south. We lived in Cullman!


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