Monday, August 31, 2015

Stone Mt. GA // Alice's 21st Birthday Vacation - Part 1

Hey y'all!  My 21st birthday was back in July, so this post is kinda late, but here it is
anyways. :-)  We enjoyed a much needed vacation for the weekend of my birthday, which started by visiting Stone Mountain in Georgia.  So here a BUNCH of pictures:

The hike to the top was long and pretty steep, but the view from
the top was AMAZING and sooooo worth the climb!

We enjoyed watching the laser show that night and the
sunset across the monument was very beautiful.

Gavin loved riding the train!

And he also got to "drive" the "duck" which is an old army
vehicle that drives on land, then into the water and becomes a boat.

The Quarry

The Plantations
One of my very favorite parts of the trip, was getting to
visit the old houses and plantations on the park grounds.

Walking with daddy. <3 p="">

Everything was so beautiful!

The second part of our vacation was spent at the beach in South Carolina!
More pictures to come of that in the next post.

Thanks for stopping by! :-)
What kind of fun summer fun have ya'll been up to lately?

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