Friday, June 10, 2016

Scenes of Summer

Hey y'all! Summertime here on the farm so far has consisted of beautiful, misty mornings, tending to the gardens, checking on the honeybee hives, splashing in the pool during the hottest part of the day, eating delicious berries and cold popsicles (see our recipe for healthy, fresh fresh fruit popsicles), and talking on the porch during warm, peaceful, evenings while watching the fireflies!  So blessed to live in the country!  One of the most exciting parts of spring and early summer is to see what's blooming today in the garden, orchard, or just along the paths and in the woods! :-)  This post is mostly just filled with pictures of what our summer has looked like so far.  I hope ya'll enjoy the pictures (there are quite a few of them! ;-)).

Above is a breathtakingly beautiful, squash blossom.

There are going to be sooooooo many wild blackberries this year.  This is the very first ripe one we found this summer.  Gavin LOVES getting to help us pick and eat them! :-)  I'm hoping to make lots of jelly, syrup, and cobblers out of them.  Do y'all have any good recipes for blackberries?

Cutest little gardener ever!
Helping us plant lavender in our new herb garden.

No southern summer is quite complete without
the sight and smell of magnolia blossoms!

 The last of the strawberries.

 Kale all wet with morning dew.

The blueberries are ripe!

Gavin helping water "his" plants (the
ones in pots on the porch).

Bringing mommy flowers
one lovely summer evening.  Too sweet!<3 p="">

I'm not sure what kind of wildflower this is, 
but it is so pretty!

Cooling off during a very hot afternoon!

Cayenne pepper.

Honeysuckle!!!  They smell amazing!

 Our first time to have peaches on our peach tree, but now worms seem to being trying to take them over.  Do y'all have any tips on natural ways to deter them?

One of our happy, healthy tomatoes!

What does summertime look like for y'all?


  1. Hello Alice,

    Trough an another blog I found your blog and I like it very much to read your experiences of your daily life! I hope you and the unborn baby are well, because you have post your last blog in June.. Greetings of a farmers daughter from the Netherlands ;)

    1. Hi,
      I'm so glad that you found and have enjoyed my blog. Yes, the baby and I are doing quite well, I'm now 35 weeks pregnant, and we're looking forward to meeting him really soon (check out my other blog where I just put up a "pregnancy update" post). Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. :-)

      -Alice Wright

  2. Hee, I'm glad to hear that! Yes, I have visit your other blog and it is also very nice. :) I like your hair tutorials, but it is to difficult for me to make it in my own hair. (Doing 3 things in one act...;)) But my sisters do it for me.
    Greetings, AvdS


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