Friday, June 13, 2014

Summer Harvest

 This is one "t-shirt full" of our first larger harvest of
the sugar snap peas from our garden this year.

 Jesse working in the garden.
 A few potatoes we pulled early.
 These are some of the fruit trees in
our orchard (they need some tending to)
that we planted last year a month or so
after our wedding (which was in March).
 Our blueberries are looking great.
 All of the summer wildflowers look
beautiful now like these black-eyed susans
that were out by the road.

 It won't be too long now before all of the wild blackberries
are ripe and ready to pick.  We can't wait to make some cobblers
and other wonderful dishes with them.  Be sure to check
back on our blog for more recipes when the blackberries
are completely ready for harvesting.
 A delicious salad made from our own garden!
 Our little Gavin is growing so fast.  It is so
hard to believe that he's already two weeks old!
 The bee yard is thriving with thousands of tiny,
buzzing, hard workers.
 Jesse found this little bird's nest
while he was cutting the grass
the other day.
 One of our main projects now is getting the
sawmill shed built. Pictured above are the trusses for
it.  They were Alice's Grandpa's that he was going to
use for a building to put his sawmill under, but after he
passed away, they came here.  I'm sure he would be proud to
know that they are being put to good use, still going over
a sawmill.  Behind them you can see a few of our beautiful
Alabama hills; the foothills of the Appalachian mountains.
The site for the sawmill shed has been measured,
strung out, and soon to start being built.

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