Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Looney House Historic Event

 The Looney house is an old dog-trot style log house in Ashville, AL.
It was built in the 1820 by John Looney and his family who came here
from Maury County, TN in 1817. The house is a hand-hewn, square log, dovetail
style home built with an upper and lower floor and a separate kitchen
off the back.  The 19' x 48' log house was constructed on a 
foundation of locally quarried stone spanned by cedar sill beams.
The walls are stacks of 12 to 18 -inch pine logs dovetailed at the corners
and pegged with dowels; and the floors are planed heart pine.  The roof is
finished with handsplit wood shakes.  Very shortly after it was built,
they moved the entire, completed, cabin structure to higher
ground due to a flood.
 They have an annual event there with historical
demonstrations, vendors, and music.
 We helped with the hand-dipped candle demonstration
which all of the children absolutely loved!

 There were many booths there with folks selling
their homemade and old-fashioned goods.
 We "The Carrell Family" played as a group and
also just had some fun pickin' with all of our friends
from the area.  We played lots of traditional bluegrass
and bluegrass gospel as well as some older folk style
mountain music and Scots-Irish tunes.
 Gavin had a wonderful time smiling at
everyone he saw.

Sleepy little Gavin being rocked by
his Aunt Gina in the kitchen/dining room building
that is directly behind the Looney House.
 Jesse's family's table with a weaving demonstration
for the children and rustic wood signs.

 Alice's parents relaxing on the porch
enjoying the beautiful day and the
delicious fried pies.
 Here are a few pictures from inside the historic home.

 An old photograph of the John Looney House.
 Alice's great grand parents Wesley Powell (whose
name is on the plaque above) and
Mary Elizabeth "Polly" (Seay) Lamar
were very involved in the historicity of the area and
donated many artifacts to be displayed.

We had a great time at the John Looney Pioneer House Museum 
Annual fall festival this year! 


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