Sunday, December 14, 2014

Cedar Log Wood Slices

 Lately, we've been cutting cedar wood slices on our
sawmill to fill some orders.

 Jesse cutting them and then blowing the
excess sawdust off of them.

 This is how we get two of our products that are for sell in our
Etsy shop.  The cedar sawdust pictured above and the log discs below.

Here are the links to both items
Large Aromatic Eatern Red Cedar Wood Slices, 1" thick, 8" to 10" in diameter, Set of 6, Rustic, Centerpiece, Cake Base, DIY Wedding Decor
 to view our listing of a set of 6 discs that are
1" thick and 8" to 10" in diameter for only $24.00
They are great for rustic centerpieces, cake bases,
wedding decor and lots more.

Eastern Red Aromatic Cedar Sawdust by the pound for crafts,trains,dolls,closets, and much more
for our cedar sawdust listing of only $4.75 per pound
Many people get some for crafts, model train sets, dolls,
closets and much more.

Don't forget about the coupon code to our store;


Be sure and take advantage of the 30% off
store-wide coupon that we are offering
through Christmas this year!

Thanks for stopping by.  What have y'all
been up to and making lately?

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