Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Old-Fashioned Country Christmas Ornaments

Hey y'all!  I know Christmas is this week and everyone has already finished decorating, but here is the post I promised a while back with some of our country, Christmas tree ornaments that we made this year.
Since burlap is such an in thing right now, there is no shortage of it available in all different styles and in all the stores.  I made this one with some leftover burlap from Gavin's baby shower (click here to see an older post on it).
A simple salt dough ornament as a keepsake using Gavin's chubby, baby handprint.  Click here for a tutorial on how to make these.
Rustic, glitter, glam ball made with twine.
Beautifully, brilliant colored, natural ornament using orange slices and old gingham fabric scraps (click here for instructions).
And last, but not least, a button snowman that Jesse's mother made for us last year from Jesse's great grandmother's buttons.

What kind of rustic, country, or old-fashioned homestead/farm style ornaments have y'all made this year or in the past?

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