Thursday, February 26, 2015

Our Snowy Winter Wonderland Day

 Hey y'all!  Here is the post that I promised that includes tons of our snow day pictures.  We actually had a SNOW DAY here in Alabama which is not normal and was soooooo exciting for us all!  Jesse and I were actually at his family's house when it snowed and we had lots and lots of fun together. :-)

 We finally ended up with a grand, whopping total of 5 inches! Yay!
I know that isn't a whole lot for some of y'all, but it was a big deal around here.
  Everything looked so pretty covered in the fluffy snow.

We also got to enjoy some yummy treats included hot chocolate and

Snow Cream!!! (click here for the recipe)
Actually, we ended up making some chocolate snow cream too, using chocolate milk instead of regular (and omitting the vanilla) and it turned out great!

Gina, Alice, and Chelsey
Jesse and Alice
Just a warning, I included a whole bunch of pictures:

 Sadly, we didn't get to go sledding this year.  But, last year when it snowed, Jesse and his friends tied an old truck hood to the back of a pickup and pulled us all around.  Probably not the safest thing to do, but it was awesome! :-)

A whole pile of cold puppies trying to stay warm. :-)

Alice's snow angel
 This is the snowman that Alice and Charlene had fun making!
 No snow day would be complete without making a giant snowman.

 This is Jesse's snow turtle creation.

Gavin absolutely LOVED playing in the snow!!!

 (sorry for all the baby pictures, but they were just too cut not to include)

We had a very awesome, happy snow day!

Do any of y'all get a lot of snow where you live?
What kind of stuff do y'all normally do when it snows?


  1. Beautiful photos, little Gavin is so adorable (he is always smiling♥) glad you all had a wonderful time. Thank you for sharing.

    Hope you are all having a blessed day,


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