Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Our Valentine's Day

Jesse gave me these potted, mini roses and the sweetest card ever!
Hey y'all!  So much has been going on around here lately and I know this post is a little late, but this is how we spent our 3rd Valentine's Day together as a married couple.  I had hoped to finally write out our love story, from the time Jesse and I first met to our wedding day (since so many people have asked us).  Maybe, I still will soon, but for now, this is how we spent our Valentine's day. :-)

First, early that morning (actually at about 4:30 a.m.), I made Jesse a romantic breakfast with heart-shaped cinnamon rolls and a piece of toast, that I had cut a heart shape out of the middle of, and fried an egg in that empty heart space.  Shortly after eating, we went to Collinsville, Al to the trade day/flea market that they have every Saturday morning.

While there, Jesse bought a 270 rifle, which he later traded with another guy there, for this 243 break action ( so there would be a little less kick for me and Gavin when he gets old enough to learn to shoot) that he gave me as a present!  'Cause every husband gives his wife a rifle for Valentine's Day right?

The three of us had an awesome day going to antique stores and such all over the place, then had a pleasant walk by the water and enjoyed a most beautiful sunset!

Our little giggly Gavin is so much fun. :-)
He had fun watching all the birds.
I love sunsets and they always remind of God's great love for us!

Finally, last, but certainly not least!  We were surprised along with the rest of Jesse's family, with this amazing dinner that Chelsey worked all day on and made for us all!  (You are so sweet Chelsey and we love you so much!)

She went all out and everything was simply gorgeous!
Even complete with pretty lights strung throughout the house.

We all had a card at our plates with our names on them and sweet notes inside about why she loves each one of us.
All of the food was delicious!!!

For desert we ate this beautiful cake (that tasted sooooo good) she had made by a friend.

This was such a special surprise to end the night and all prepared by this lovely lady.
We love you Chelsey, and thank you so much! :-)

All in all, this was definitely one of the funnest Valentine's Days I've ever had.
And I am so blessed to be able to spend it with the my wonderful husband, darling baby, and such a loving family.

"The Lord came to us from far away, saying, "I have loved you with a love that lasts forever. So I have helped you come to Me with loving-kindness. "". Jeremiah 31:3

"...I have found the one whom my soul loves."
Song of Solomon 3:4

How did y'all spend Valentine's Day?

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