Friday, July 11, 2014

Berry Pickin'

We recently got to go berry picking!  These are some of
the blueberries that we got from our plants.  They are
soooooooo delicious!!

Alice picking the blueberries.

Then Jesse and Alice went to the
huge wild blackberry patches.  There
were so many!!  We picked for hours and
never even made a dent.

Jesse picking all those wonderful
wild blackberries.

 It was amazing how many
tasty ripe berries there were.

 Jesse was smart and wore gloves,
I (Alice) on the other hand was
covered in little cuts and nicks from the
briars, but all those delicious berries
were well worth it :).
 Washing the blackberries.
 Just a few of the bags that went
into our freezer for later.

 That afternoon Gavin enjoyed
hanging out with his Uncle Isaac
and Aunt Rachel while we were
all visiting with each other.
Here he is with my (Alice's) parents.
He is very loved!

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  1. Yum Yum!!! We have a few large fields/patches of blackberries up on the hill behind our house. I absolutely love them, but Hannah is not a fan of any berries with seeds that can get stuck in your teeth. I never wear gloves because there are so many things that I can tell about the berries by feeling them that I cannot tell with gloves.
    We only keep about half of what we harvest. People around here pay $6/quart for them. I have figured out that it works out to about $10/hr for my efforts in picking. Definitely worth it. :)



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