Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Alice's 20th Birthday

"Happy Birthday"
I (Alice) just turned 20 years old!

Pictured above is the carrot cake that my mother
made for my birthday dinner that followed my
absolute most favorite meal.

 These are the gifts from my wonderful husband, Jesse, 
and my little 2 month old son Gavin.  Gavin
signed his card to me with his feet (with help from his daddy).

Jesse gave me a whole box of CHOCOLATES!!!
 ...and the sweetest card ever!

 My goofy boys

 Next we went out to a restaurant for
brunch and Gavin gave us one of his first
really big smiles.

 Then the Carrells, Wrights, and the three of
us all went for a swim in a nearby creek.

Gavin with his Grandma.

 (sorry for all the tons of baby pictures, but
we think he's really cute:)! )

 Now I am officially 20 years old and so blessed to have
a wonderful family, precious little boy, and the greatest
husband in the world!!
It has been quite amazing to see what all God has
done this past year!  We are truly blessed! 


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  2. Twice in a row now, the Ethernet has eaten my posts. :( Hope all is well with you guys.

    1. Yeah, everything has just been super busy lately. I apologize for the lack of posts for so long, but it is great to hear from y'all.


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