Saturday, September 6, 2014

A Busy Day

As the title of this post describes, this was a BUSY
DAY!  Also a very emotional one.  We took
our sister Chelsey to the airport for her flight to
Colorado.  She will be attending Summit Semester
for three months.  You can find out more about Summit through

 Jesse and his siblings helping her at the airport.

 Little Gavin was excited watching all of
the people at the airport.

 These family photos were taken
right before she went through security while we
were saying our goodbyes.

 We love you very much Chelsey and
pray that this trip is very educational for you
and that you'll use all that you learn for the
glory of God!  We can't wait for you to get back home though!

 This was the beautiful sunset that we saw
on our drive back home.

Meanwhile, while we were sending Chelsey off,
Isaac and Rachel's little daughter was born.
Rosaleen Elizabeth Carrell was born
September 4th weighing 6.8 lb and 19 inches long!
 Welcome to the world sweet little one!

 A very happy little family now
of three.

 So darling.

Such a precious little bundle.

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