Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Vacation to Chattanooga

 This past weekend, the three of us got to
have an exited family vacation in
Chattanooga, TN!  It was sooooooo
much fun!  First we visited Ruby Falls
which is a cave deep down in
Lookout Mountain with tons of history
and cave formations, but the greatest
attraction of all is truly amazing to see.
There is an AWESOME waterfall in
deep inside the mountain at the end of the cave tour.

 Here are just a few of the cave pictures
that I got to take.  We love to see natural
wonders like this and it reminds us of
God's amazing creation and handiwork!

 The spectacular waterfall itself!
The man who discovered it, named it
for his wife Ruby thus the name Ruby Falls.

 Gavin was completely mesmerized by the
water and lights shining on it.

 Little man and his momma enjoying the
view from the tower at Ruby Falls.  Gavin
was the star of the show everywhere we went on
our trip; he was all smiles and laughing and cooing
at everyone we he saw.

 Sleepy little baby looking out over Chattanooga
with his daddy as it started to drizzle rain a little.

 In our wanderings through the back roads, we found
this historic site from the Civil War. 
Craven's House.

 Some of our favorite places to visit are the
generally unnoticed historic type places rather
than the over popularized tourist attractions.

There were several monuments and signs
setup up at this site.

 Last stop of the day was the
Chattanooga Choo Choo.

 The next day we spent at Rock City.
It was great fun looking at all of the
magnificent rocks and marveling at
God's creation and wonders.

 There were tons of cool bridges,
overpasses, and winding paths.

 Jesse and Gavin in
"Fat Man's Squeeze"

 A deep rock ravine with an
official "See Rock City"
birdhouse on top.

 Alice and Gavin standing on one
of the rock bridges.

 Swinging bridge with an
incredible view.

 And the climax to it all:
This awe-inspiring overlook!

 You can actually see seven states at one
time from this point.

 Gavin had fun watching
the fallow deer that they had in a fence
setup between the rocks.

 Above: the magnificent high falls
Below: "Balanced Rock"

 The entrance to "Fairyland Caverns"

Over all, we had a great and much needed
fun family vacation and couldn't have asked for
more perfect weather!  It started to feel like fall
is almost here!

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