Saturday, September 6, 2014

Our Niece is Born!

Rosaleen Elizabeth Carrell is here!
She is my (Alice's) brother Isaac and
his wife Rachel's little girl and our first niece.
I wrote that she'd been born in the last
post, but being a proud new aunt I just
had to show more pictures of our
family's sweet, new, arrival.

 Her Mommy looks lovingly on
her daughter and Rosaleen's
grandmother is filled with the
joy that another grandchild brings.

 Gavin was excited while meeting
his first cousin.
 There is nothing more precious
than a newborn baby.

 I can hardly believe their size difference
knowing that Gavin was just her size only
three moths ago.  He's grown so fast!

 Both my parent's grandbabies together
with their moms.

Congratulations to you both, Isaac and Rachel!
You've got such a little blessing.
We love you Rosaleen!
May God Bless your little family!

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