Saturday, September 6, 2014

Helping Host a Baby Shower

A couple of weeks or so ago I (Alice) got to help with
the decorations for my sister-in-law's baby shower.  It was
a very fun and exciting project.  We first took cute little
water bottles and swapped their labels for pretty, little,
pink gingham ribbon (Rachel's idea) and I thought they turned
out quite nice.

 My sister-in-laws Chelsey and Charlene were
awesome helpers in getting it all together.

 The baby shower was hosted in a beautiful garden
that was gorgeous in itself as you can see in the
following pictures.

 Little Gavin sleeping peacefully
with his grandma on the warm and pleasant
August day.  The weather was perfect
with a comfortable summer breeze.

 Rachel and I found all of these pretty
vases at the dollar store and dressed 'em up
a bit with light green ribbon.

 Next Chelsey and I placed a white tablecloth on first
then layered a pink one over it and gathered the pink
one up and placed more green ribbon as bows on the tucks.

 For the flowers I decided to go with pink
roses, hydrangeas, and baby's breath.  The flowers
were so beautiful.

All of the food was made by Rachel's little sister
Hannah and everything was delicious!

 Hannah setting out the food and
Isaac and Rachel behind her.

 (pictured above and below) The
parents-to-be Isaac (my older brother)
and Rachel Carrell.  She looked lovely for
her little girl's baby shower.

 I couldn't have done any of the decorating
without the help of my amazing
sister and friend Chelsey!  Thank
You so very much.

 Hannah is an amazing little girl with a great
talent for cooking.  She did a wonderful job on all
of the food and the this event that she gave for her sister.

 The roses worked perfectly I thought
especially because Isaac and Rachel's
little one is to be named Rosaleen.

 Rachel's mother made a little game for the shower
"pin the diaper on the baby".  It was cute.

 And last but not least, the happy parents
received many, many gifts of love.

We even placed some roses and baby's breath into
the archway that you pass under to enter the garden.
Over all I think the whole baby shower
turned out quite beautifully.

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