Saturday, September 6, 2014

Inspection of a Bee Hive

Hey, we're back!  So sorry we've not posted anything
in so long, but we've been terribly busy lately as we'll
explain in the next few posts.  Here is a short version of an
inspection from top to bottom of a typical healthy hive.  We'll
do a more elaborate post for the upcoming fall inspection and
will describe the honey extraction from start to finish so ya'll
can better understand how we get the honey from hive to jar!

Below are some photos of us working our hives:

Jesse showing a frame full of honey.

It looks so sweet and delicious; we can't wait to
jar some up.

Here are some up close pictures of a queen bee.
If you look really close you'll see her in the center.
She is in the very middle and much longer and
bigger than the other bees.

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